3-week trial only £15

3-week trial only £15

3-week trial only £15

Dance Classes

I will lead your dance experience with high-energy choreography, interactive games, and exciting dance routines, all customised to match the age and interests of our students. Whether a lively hip-hop session, an enchanting ballet adventure, or a freestyle dance routines, Eleanor Grace Dance provides fully personalised classes to ensure a memorable experience.

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Preschool dance classes provide young children with a fun and creative introduction to the world of dance, fostering their coordination and rhythm in an age-appropriate setting. These classes often emphasise imagination and self-expression, allowing little dancers to explore movement while building confidence and social skills.



Commercial dance is a dynamic and energetic genre that blends various dance styles, often seen in music videos, commercials, and live performances. It focuses on delivering captivating and accessible choreography that complements popular music and engages audiences with a mix of street, hip-hop, and contemporary dance elements.



Eleanor Grace Dance’s ‘Combo’ class is a dynamic and well-rounded dance experience that introduces students to the fundamentals of ballet, tap, and modern dance styles. Through this combination, dancers develop a diverse skill set, honing their grace, rhythm, and contemporary movement techniques in a single, comprehensive class.



Acrobatics is a captivating sport that harmonises strength, flexibility, and precision. Our classes empower students to master an array of impressive tricks, including cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, aerials, flicks, elbow stands, and tumbling lines. It’s a dynamic journey of skill development and artistry.


30 Minutes

Pre-school Classes


45 Minutes

Commercial Classes
Reception ‘Combo’ Classes


1 Hour

Acrobatics Classes
Year 1 ‘Combo’ Classes
Junior ‘Combo’ Classes


Book your term plan from £20 per month

Up to 1 class per week, plus 10% off additional classes. 3 term plans available.

Monthly payments from £20 per month for 3 months. See FAQs (Tell Me More) for more information.

Schools & Holiday Clubs

Eleanor Grace Dance offers dynamic dance classes for schools, tailored to inspire students of all ages.

Led by Miss Eleanor, who is DBS cleared, these sessions are designed to enrich the school curriculum with the joy of dance across school and holiday clubs including:

Dance | Gymnastics | Cheerleading
Performing Arts
| Zumba | Yoga

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Productions | Clubs | Enrichment

3-week trial for only £15

Discover if Eleanor Grace Dance is the perfect fit for you and your child. Start your dance journey with me today.


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Term Plan

'Mini Moves'

1x 30 minute class a week.

Only £20 per month

Save £12 a term

Term Plan

'Rhythmic Rise'

1x 45 minute class a week.

Only £25 per month

Save £33 a term

Term Plan

'Supreme Steps'

1x 1 hour class a week.

Only £30 per month

Save £54 a term


Up to 1 class each week.

Up to 1 class can be attended each week, unused classes do not roll over to the next week.

Each month an invoice will be emailed to you. Payment can be made via bank transfer to the details specified on the invoice.

7 days from date of invoice.

Further classes can be attended with a 10% discount applied.

A new term plan can be bought or classes can be attended individually.

You will be emailed on the address you provide on the contact form to book onto your first class. The email will include your invoice.

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Our 3-Week Trial

1 class per week for 3 weeks.

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Our 3-week trial for only £15

Discover if Eleanor Grace Dance is the perfect fit for you and your child. Start your dance journey with me today.